About IAPO


IAPO is a unique global alliance representing patients of all nations across all disease areas and promoting patient-centred healthcare across the world.

Everything we do is focused on promoting patient-centred healthcare. We do this by being the global voice for people who suffer from any disease, disability, illness, impairment or syndrome, and by being the focal point for patients’ organizations around the world.

Committed to changing the world

A unique global alliance, we are committed to improving the lives of patients from all around the world. We nurture relationships with memberspartners and all those involved in healthcare, and build dialogue with decision-makers around the world to promote patient-centred healthcare.

IAPO was registered as a not-for-profit foundation in 1999. As of January 2014, we are a UK-registered charity (Number 1155577) and a company limited by guarantee (Number 8495711). The secretariat is based in London, UK.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to see patients at the centre of healthcare throughout the world​. Our mission is to help build patient-centred healthcare worldwide.

We do this by: 

  • Actively working with patients' organizations and building them up to be as effective
    as possible
  • Advocating internationally with a strong patients' voice on relevant aspects of healthcare policy, with the aim of influencing international, regional and national health agendas and policies 
  • Building cross-sector alliances and working collaboratively with like-minded medical and health professionals, policy makers, academics, researchers and industry representatives


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Personalised Cancer Care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
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Declaration on Patient-Centered Healthcare
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